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Family Handman Magazine Annual Subscription

If you’re an average do it yourself weekend warrior into home improvement needing solid ideas on everyday, maintenance, repair, remodeling, energy efficiency, yard and garden homeowner challenges, you need Family Handyman. The magazine is written in everyday language by skilled craftsmen who simplify repair jobs and inject doses of good-natured humor readily admitting goofs that they’ve made. Professionals who provide clear directions and don’t require that you buy a truckload of expensive tools to do the job Family Handyman strikes a perfect balance between ambitious home improvements and quick fix home maintenance issues. Most projects can be done by the average semi-skilled craftsman who owns a decent set of tools. Content also covers woodworking, auto maintenance, home decorating, and new product and tool reviews that make projects easier. Features answer reader repair or maintenance questions, and provide reader tips that make projects go smoother.

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